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The Future of Clothing

Order Activated Production

• Place your order first,
then we produce it

• Reduce the environmental
impact of unwanted clothing

• Enjoy a better clothing experience
with expanded design choices 

Shape Based Sizing

• Choose your shape
your size
Then Customize!

• 7 different body shapes

• 10 different sizes within each shape

• Total control over arm length, garment length
 & pant length

How to Get Fitted & Order from Steppe?

Online Only

If you have very little trouble ordering clothing online and our body and garment charts tell you all you need to know, please feel free to order directly from our website.


In Person Fitting & Online 

If you are local to Boone, NC you can schedule an Individual Fitting or attend one of our  monthly Open House Fittings.

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Virtual Fitting & Online

If you don’t live near Boone, NC you can schedule an Invdivdual Virtual Fitting to receive help with  measurements, shape, size, & style selections.

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Our Promise

Make it for you
Make it to fit
Make it to last
Retire it Responsibly

Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts
Our mission: To help customers determine their Steppe shape and size one time to make future apparel choices easier and more successful. Please select the methods that appeal to you.
Wholesale Steppe Tailors: