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Our Promise

Make it to fit you
Make it to last
Retire it Responsibly

The Future of Clothing

Order Activated Production

• Place your order first,
then we produce it

• Reduce the environmental
impact of unwanted clothing

• Enjoy a better clothing experience
with expanded design choices 

Shape Based Sizing

• Your Shape & Size + Alterations
Your Perfect Fit

• 7 different body shapes

• 10 different sizes within each shape

• Total control over arm length, garment length
 & pant length

How to Order From Us


All ordering happens online.
If you would like remote help with your
Steppe Shape & Size:

Request Fit ReportRequest Virtual Fitting

Local to Boone, NC

If you live near or visit Boone, NC
 and would like in person help with your
Steppe Shape & Size:

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