The Brand Name:

The Eurasian Steppe is a vast area of open grasslands and shrublands that extend thousands of miles from Central Europe almost to the Pacific Ocean.  From the Bronze Age to the early Modern Period, it was traversed by nomads who domesticated the horse and developed the chariot, wagon, cavalry and archery from horseback.  They also introduced innovations such as the bridle, bit, stirrup, and pants made of leather or woven hemp.  While this was mostly a male migration, archaeological evidence suggests that both men and women wore pants when riding together to extend their power, innovations, and influence throughout the area.

Inspired by the grit of these nomadic tribes, Steppe Apparel offers classic designs that are built to last.

Our Mission:

Steppe is a new apparel brand created specifically to serve the “warrior” in each of us.  Our mission is to offer a compact list of high-quality garments with expanded fit options that will truly be battle worthy.  Launching the first piece of a new brand during a pandemic was not the easiest thing we’ve ever done and at times it felt positively combative, hence, “The Warrior”, our very first fully developed garment.

The Clothing:

Our pieces will be offered first by shape choice and then by size choices within that shape to guide you to the best fit. 

Our Priorities:

The Customer
With expanded shape & fit options that guide you to the highest and best apparel experience we can provide. Lifetime “Warrior Warranty”.

The Producer 
With US and International Contracts that require fair labor practices and traceability.

The Environment
With order activated production, short run production, and innovative solutions for every piece that needs a new home.